Sunday, February 14, 2016

My valentines

I'm currently on hiatus from Facebook. But I wanted to do an update on our lives. Adam is currently on his second semester of PA school. So far it's been tougher than the last and he has had many tests but I have been so amazed at how he balances his life. Through it all he still finds time for us. He bought him and I dance lessons for Christmas. It was a dream come true. 

Thayne is getting ready for kindergarten later this year. We are doing a homeschool preschool and I work as a sub for a preschool and the kids get to come with me. He is such a sweet boy. He is so helpful and loves to cook with me. Here he is presenting his Valentine flower to me. He got the flower, water, glass all by himself. 

I recently discovered I love decorating cookies. I also love eating them. Soooo... I may or may not have already gained 3 lbs in a month from this new hobby. 

Miss Joslyn let me curl her hair today for the first time. She is getting ready to turn three and is already a bit sassy but mostly sweet. She loves to snuggle and has the biggest smile. 

We are loving Arizona and have felt so welcomed and loved. 

Happy Valentine's Day! I think I enjoy it more than the kids. It's been a special day filled with family time. Which has been my favorite way to do Valentine's Day since these two cuties have come. We did get to go on a long boarding date on Saturday which was long over due. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Real life happened today

Do you ever have days where everything seems to be going your way? Sometimes I really do. On those days I can't ever remember why I think my life is so hard. It's one of those "I got this!" things. Today was not one of those days. Today I scrubbed and cleaned, ran errands, meal planned, caught up on laundry, and I felt good about doing my to do list.
 And then my daughter ate a penny.
 And then my sons rice toy exploded on my just cleaned room along with a "sand which party" that I apparently wasn't invited to that included bread crumbs mixed with rice. 
I burnt dinner. 
The perfect gift I thought I had found for my dad for Christmas had already been bought. 
It was just one of those type of days. But instead of being depressed about it. I'm choosing to remember a good day. A day when everything is going good. Within this crazy day my son told me "Mom I love you! I love you when you play football with me." It was the highlight of my day. And the sad part is I didn't spend enough time at the moment doing it. It was there in my bad day. Thank you for reminding me son what is important. 

Update on us: PA school is going strong and Adam has a big Christmas break and we are so grateful for it. 

I worked for 2 months and now am a sub at my work so I am not always on catch up mode. 

Life has been crazy but wonderful all at the same time. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Back to school!

What an adventure we have been having! 
We have been go go go. I just tried to find our most recent pictures and realized I haven't been taking very many. Which is exactly what I wanted! It means I am enjoying the moment more. 

Today I am so excited because Adam only has 7 working days left and then we have a break before school starts!!! 
We went to the children's museum today in phoenix and it's right by his school which means that some days maybe we will carpool and drop dad off at school and go to the museum. It's a super fun thought and it might just happen since it is getting so hot. 

I took the kids to their first water park. Thayne couldn't believe how big the rides are. Our friends have season passes and get coupons for discounts and let us come for cheap. That's another season pass we are thinking about for next year. 

Joslyn wasn't quite tall enough to do any of the rides so I am glad we didn't get them this year she was sad she couldn't go on a slide. 

She loves to dress herself and wear moms sunglasses. She is turning into such a lady. We both wear skirts all the time because it is way cooler than shorts... No seriously way cooler. 

We love arizona and plan to stay awhile. Even in the heat. 

we survived June!

What a crazy fun month. Full of ups and downs. Tears and pure joy! 

I say survive because our routine is totally off (remember how much I need routine), Adam works nights and every other weekend (kills social life which I also need), and of course we have our first world trials. 

But we made it! I learned so much about myself his past month and have been dying to share what I have been learning but I have to wait. My mind is still healing. I have felt therapy will help me with my anxiety and depression. More on that as it progresses. Thayne celebrated his 4th birthday. We are so grateful to have him apart of the family. I had a very real depressive episode (floor day longest one so far) the day before. Translating that no birthday party things were done. However I have a great husband who understands parenting is a two way deal and he totally helped me get this party together. Totally spaced the forks but it turned out into a super fun way to eat the cake. And we did pizza instead of a complicated lunch I had planned. Smiles were shared all around. Thank goodness kids don't care about all that stuff. 

I've had a few people tell me that they can't even believe I get depressed, to be honest I have a hard time understanding that I get depressed. It sounds weird to explain my thoughts that I think in those very dark moments outloud. But they do happen and so do very good moments. The happiest of happy moments also happen and I am learning to hang onto those. 

These pictures capture just a few of those happiest of happy moments that happened last month. Here's to july and Adam about to start school next month! 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

"Life ain't always beautiful but its a beautiful life"

"Mama I'm the prince dancing with the princess Elsa"

Our castle has been readjusting the past couple of weeks.
Adam has been working nights and I've been in a dark place in my soul.
Adam has been holding everything together and I've just been present. 
It's not something I choose or wanted it just happened.
As Josie Thompson calls it.. I had a 'floor day' or two or three...

 floor day= not being being able to get up off the floor

It's not that my life isn't wonderful and its not that I don't know that. 
In fact part of my depressive moments are knowing my life is so good so why am I sad?
With my routine completely off I broke down. 

While my loving husband works, does dishes, gets food ready for everyone and my children ask "Is mama feeling better?" 
My sweet babies worry about me. 

I couldn't have asked for a better family or life. 
During one of my 'floor days' I managed to get on the computer and buy a gym membership.
Exercise literally has saved my life. 
It keeps me sane and keeps me going. 

But I wouldn't have even thought to buy one if I hadn't felt a feeling in my soul that it would solve 
many of my problems. 
My husband also wouldn't be the way he is without help.
Somehow even in my darkest moments my most horrible thoughts 
God is still there. 

He has reminded me time and time again to notice His tender mercies. 
The above picture is one of those tender mercies. 
When I am doing my part (reading my scriptures, praying, serving, etc.)
my kids have moments like this. They play together, they giggle, and they have fun.
You can call it random or whatever you will but I know its very real.
Of course they fight everyday, but somehow its lesser. The fighting, crying, screaming, hitting, throwing doesn't last as long. 

It may not seem like a miracle but to this tired mother this is 
a great miracle. 

Another tender mercy is that
my children who normally take 1/2 an hour to get ready to go anywhere 
are ready in minutes to head to the gym. 
And they LOVE being there. 
It's so much nicer than trying to workout at home.

Our routine is still evolving but what we have going on right now is wonderful. 
I'm glad I have these tender mercies even with my trials. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Chalk Paint Desk Makeover

Hurray for pinterest right?

I bought this thrifted desk for a decent price ($15? It was awhile ago) and have been waiting for the right time to paint it.

The time finally came! I wanted to do a fun bright blue but decided that maybe next year I won't be so crazy about the blue color. 
Then we found these super cool knobs from home depot with the exact blue I love! 
I settled on white it makes the room more open and is easier on my already crazy brain. 



Close up of the knobs

I love how it turned out. 
I  bought all the paint from Lowes. 
The guys there mixing paint knew what I was trying to do and mixed up my gray to the exact color I wanted. In fact I used the recipe right off the Lowes website for the chalk paint.

I bought a book at the goodwill to use as a mousepad so not to scratch the paint. 

I read many reviews of newbies saying chalk paint was really hard and they had problems of clumping but I had ZERO problems and enjoyed the project. I did hand sand a few spots after painting to make sure it was smooth. It was my first time chalk painting and now I want to paint everything. 

oh and if you notice I have a piece of hardware missing. Apparently older furniture uses sizes that are not found just anywhere. I can't find any hardware for under $15 same amount as I paid for the whole desk... so I am saving up for one since I spent all my money on paint and the other knobs. 

what do you think? 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

10 ways to destress and to be happy naturally

Since I have opened up about having depression and anxiety I have had a lot of messages asking me about how I fight it. I currently do not take any medication and I haven't seen a doctor for it. Its such a personal choice and a sensitive matter I hope you understand what works or doesn't work for me may not ring true for you. Depression runs in my family. I've taken the quiz at the doctors to  see if you have depression and of course according to medical records I'm fine. Thats because I know what answers to say. I lied to my doctor about post-pardom it was easy to me. I was lying to myself about my feelings it was easy to lie to the doctor. Someday I hope to be able to afford going to a therapist. For now my husband, family, and friends serve in that capacity. I had a tender mercy of getting to go to a church activity and listen to a professional counselor speak about loving ourselves and letting go of negative thoughts. Just that one activity has helped me so much. I can't even imagine what more could do. Maybe in a few years. Again remember this is what works for ME, and I do recommend talking to a doctor/therapist if you can.

1. Being creative- this doesn't come naturally to me. I used to sew, now it stresses me out. I recently have discovered I love to paint. Painting doesn't have to be perfect, and it can be whatever I want it to be. I recently read that patients from a mental hospital wished so deperately that they had a painting room. I thought that was interesting people with mental health issues share this common interest. Try PAINTING.

2. Having a clean house- sounds easy enough... unless you have kids. To achieve this the best that I can with my two cuties has been to get rid of stuff. If you are interested in learning where to start visit becoming If you think minimalism is too extreme for you I recommend Unstuff Your Life! by Andrew J. Mellen click here to see his book. I borrowed that book from the library. Not only does he help you cut clutter he helps you organize it. Many times I felt like I was having actual conversations with him while reading the book. Only of course to realize I was talking to a book in my backyard.

3. Get outdoors. For me this is many things and usually my go to especially when a clean house is not happening. Things that destress me and make me happy are: hiking, running, snowboarding, boating, kayaking, racquetball, tennis, soccer, anything athletic, also.... tanning. Now before you go all skin cancer crazy on me, I lay out in my backyard for about 1/2 an hour. Yes I realize skin cancer is a risk. Having depression and anxiety also makes me suicidal. Its lose lose. I love laying out in the sun. If you find something else that makes you very happy and you can avoid skin cancer by all means go ahead. For me laying out in the sun get a tan makes me happy.

Even in the snow I was outside :)

4. Exercise. This is a tricky one because something that stresses me out is healthiness, weight, muscle tone, blah blah blah. I try not to (at least for now) train for anything in particular. I exercise simply because it brings me joy. I stay in shape but I try not to compete with anyone but myself. I hope that makes sense. If competing brings you joy do it. For me it brings more negative thoughts about myself when I don't make my "goal".

5. Rest. Take a day to rest. For awhile I thought Sunday was my day off. I go to church, try to keep the sabbath day holy. I would always joke that this day was anything but rest. I've come to learn that resting from earthly cares is different than resting. On Thursdays I rest. If I don't feel like exercising I don't. If I want to lay in the tub while the kids nap I do it. I skip chores, I shut off my phone for hours sometimes almost all day. I learned this from another blogger who has 4 boys. She also said she writes thank you notes to people, or goes and does service, like play the piano at an assisted living home. Some Thursdays you need to pamper yourself and sometimes you have to go and forget yourself. Your day doesn't have to be Thursday and it might not even be all day. But set a time in your calendar to have time to yourself. I highly recommend shutting your phone off because that always seems the time when my phone is going off like crazy. Also lack of sleep is a huge problem setting off all my triggers. Get enough sleep as much as you can. If you have a baby and other kids don't be afraid to ask a friend to take your kids for a little bit so you can sleep. Trust me you'll be glad you did.

6. Do Service. It is easy to stay depressed and stressed out when you are only worried about yourself. Don't do anything crazy or big at first. Start small. Make the bed for your loved one, write a nice note, sing a song, say a prayer. I always thought it would be so neat to go and help in another country. While that is still a dream of mine, I realized that I can do so much here and now. It may not seem like you are making a big impact but a kind note goes a long way.

7. Give something away. There is nothing that brings joy to the heart than watching someone else joy over something you gave them. I cried tears of joy once because someone dropped brand new clothes off at our house that we couldn't afford for our toddler. They didn't get to see my face but I hope they know how much happiness it brought us. Even anonymous gifts can make you happy. I feel happiness every time I donate a box to the thrift store. Less for me to clean (win), they have things to sell (win), someone else can use the item (win)!

8. Routine. This is a hard one because I am young but I have quickly learned life is anything BUT routine. My mother suggested this to me as far as routine; make a list of things you need to do, make a list of things you would like to do, you don't have to have a set time but even when everything feels out of control this has helped. I try to have a semi schedule. For instance at our house I know we are going to have meals throughout the day I try to have them all generally at the same time each day, naps are about at the same time. I run errands in the afternoon now I do prefer morning but my husband now works swing shift (2:00pm-10:00pm) so I'd rather run errands while he isn't home unless I want to go alone which now I can do in the morning. When days aren't routine I have to tell myself routinely I need some NOT mundane everyday type of day. Sounds silly but if I feel like I "scheduled it" I handle it better. doesn't mean I don't ever do sporadic. Trust me if you ask anyone I hang out with they will probably tell you I planned a get together the day before or the day of. HA it works for now.

9. Eat healthy. Not what you wanted to hear I know. Changing my diet has been huge. There are so many food choices and sometimes its hard to know what is healthy and then you have to meal plan. For me I am on a green smoothie girl diet. I bought her books and blender. She has meal plans, shopping lists, tips and tricks on how to save money. Check out her website here I could rave about this forever and could spend a whole blog on how much I love green smoothie girl so for now I'll leave it at that. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about what I eat.

10. Be nice to yourself. Its easy to feel like you are a horrible person for having depression/anxiety. I listened to Josie Thompson speak one of the key things I learned from her is that you can still be full of light as you fight this darkness. She is a much better speaker than me and you should totally check out her blog here. I've learned that its ok to have panic attacks, depressive episodes, crying/screaming sessions. You aren't a bad person. God hasn't forgotten you. I wrote out an I am motto for me it goes something like this

I am happy
I am kind
I am beautiful
I am grateful
I am loved
I am a good mom
I am a daughter of God
I am excited about today

I hung it in my bathroom so I could see it. Negative talk is not helpful. I can feel my chemical imbalance go all nuts when I add things to my mind like... i hate my nose, i have no friends, I'm a horrible mother, blah blah blah... STOP. For every mean thing you say to yourself say 3 nice things. Seriously do it. It's life changing.

I hope this helps. I am in no way paid by any of these awesome people I have talked about that have helped. My sole purpose in posting this is to help someone who suffers with anxiety/depression. If you have other tips please post them! Remember I'm not perfect at any of the above suggestions. I just noticed that these help me. Also if you have any other questions or want to know more details about anything please contact me.

my email is alysehassellATyahooDOTcom

Oh and bonus one... if you couldn't already tell I LOOOOOVEE reading, blogs, articles, books, newspapers. Whatever reading takes me a different state of mind. I need it.